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Drawing Git Graphs in the Browser

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In this talk I presented a side-project that I’ve been developing with my friend Fabien Bernard since 2013: GitGraph.js 🎉

It’s a JS library that allows you to draw git graphs in the browser. Very handy to prepare presentations or write blog posts. Creating and updating those git illustrations becomes easy!

I already wrote about GitGraph.js in the past.

If there is one thing you should retain from my talk, it’s that you can hack your own problems. You certainly have this crazy idea in mind, that problem you want to solve for yourself… Stop waiting the perfect moment, just start doing it. Good things will happen!

Click on the following image to access the slides:

Link to slides

The project is available on GitHub: https://github.com/nicoespeon/gitgraph.js/

Different libraries are available:

If you want to play with the GitGraph.js, have a look at the online playground:

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